The Home of Jack Miller
Resume: [PDF][LaTeX][Gitweb]

My main project: Canto - An ncurses RSS reader, which is actually a Python rewrite of another ncurses reader that I wrote in C, NRSS, both of which have made it into Debian based distributions.

I'm also the author of the Table of Contents extension for the 2.0 branch of python-markdown.

I'm a big fan of git, so you can find the source for both of those (and a collection of my home directory configuration files) in my Gitweb.

A lot of my projects are also mirrored on my GitHub.

My handle is "TheMoken" on virtually every website I frequent and on IRC (Freenode)

The only exception is Reddit where I am iamjack.

There are probably some others that you can find me on, most of which I don't use any longer. Feel free to look me up. You might even find that I make a relevant comment every once in awhile.