What is Canto?

Canto is an Atom/RSS feed reader for the console that is meant to be quick, concise, and colorful. It’s meant to allow you to crank through feeds like you’ve never cranked before by providing a minimal, yet information packed interface. No navigating menus. No dense blocks of unreadable white text. An interface with almost infinite customization and extensibility using the excellent Python programming language.


  • Atom/RSS/RDF compliant
  • Fully supports Unicode
  • Supports OPML
  • Integrated with both graphical and text browsers
  • Built in reader with full HTML parser and providing access to all links and enclosures (video/audio) in an item
  • Uses feedparser to parse virtually any feed format on Earth
  • Easily use custom filters to discard uninteresting items
  • Ability to sort feeds with custom sorts
  • Tags allow you to group items and feeds together
  • Extremely flexible and powerful theming, including the ability to add extra content (like authors, dates, upvotes, comments, etc)

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