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Updated for 0.7.x. Older versions here


A number of users and myself hang out in #canto on My handle is @jmiller. This is my preferred way of tackling bugs because it's real time, and you can answer my debugging questions. If you're looking for a fix as fast as possible, come here. This goes especially for crashing bugs.

If you're new to IRC, xchat is a good beginner IRC client. I use irssi. I also suggest using as a pastebin because it supports non-ASCII characters.

Mailing Lists

Canto has two official mailing lists.

Bug Tracker

Canto uses GitHub for its bug tracker. Generally, you should submit bugs through IRC or the mailing lists first, but you can also create a bug/feature request here. This requires a GitHub account.


Before Canto had the mailing lists, I encouraged people to mail me directly with any problems. Now, I'd prefer you to use the mailing lists. If you really have something to say just to me that won't help anyone else (i.e. praise/flames) then my email is jack [at] codezen [dot] org

Send all bug reports to canto-reader [at] codezen [dot] org
Or come to discuss in #canto on