05/27 Update

If you follow any of my repos on GitHub you’ll know that my commit style is sparse. I like a handful of well ordered, well documented commits without a whole bunch of churn. Unfortunately, that isn’t very good for communicating progress when you’re in the middle of basically detonating the code and stitching it back […]

What’s on the horizon, pt. II

A few days ago I talked about what was currently getting my attention in the daemon. tl;dr multi-threading. Part of the logic there was that the daemon was pretty stable and after a few days of tweaking around on the threading implementation I’m convinced that that’s true. I had one annoying thread bug squashed but, […]

What’s on the horizon?

It’s been almost a year since I’ve had the energy to seriously look at canto. Between a job that was soul-crushing with layoffs of a lot of people I consider friends, subsequent unsuccessful job hunting, a five-day two-man startup, and the usual stress of being a husband and father, I needed a hiatus. … Until […]