curses 0.8.2 daemon 0.8.1

Various improvements: Daemon Possibly eliminate feed fetch problems causing forgetfulness. Better whitespace handling for canto-remote. Added -V version flag. Curses client Added wrappers update_interval,update_style, and update_auto1 Added simpler to use variables with wrappers for changing the basic theme. Increased update interval from 5 to 20. Added -V version flag. 1: These allow you to change […]

canto-curses 0.8.1

This is a simple update that makes the curses client ignore state (read/unread/marked) updates from the server when they don’t work with the currently known state. In particular, this means that items will no longer appear to be unread again for a few seconds after a fresh batch of items. canto-curses-0.8.1.tar.gz (52K)

Canto 0.8.0

Welcome to the newest version of Canto, 0.8.0. It’s the culmination of the rewrite kicked off almost two years ago and while it doesn’t have the depth of testing that 0.7.x and prior versions have the codebase is more sound and featureful for both users and myself (sole developer). So what’s different? Let me count […]