06/25 Update

I haven’t had as much time the last couple of weeks, but I did make important progress. As of right now, pushed to the completion branches of github, I have a working prototype of the new command stuff. The important difference from last time is that completion information for root commands and their arguments is […]

06/13 Update

Okay, so in the spirit of the… 10 day update, here’s what’s been going down. Found one more daemon bug, potential fix in git Stripped about 550 lines of command infrastructure out of canto-curses, some of which will return. Wrote a new style of register / unregister for commands and argument types History works! Don’t […]

06/03 Update

Okay, so I achieved all of what I set out in the TODO of the last post and I put it up in the threading branch in git. It’s still missing commands, but it doesn’t require poking to see output and scrolling, using the browser, quitting etc. works. Now, actually using the command line isn’t […]