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I don’t take email or IRC communication for canto any longer.

Bugs should be filed in their respective trackers:

canto-next (daemon)

If you’re unsure which tracker to use, use either. A mis-filed bug report is better than none at all. Likely the first thing I’ll ask for is debug logging output so running either component with the -v flags and reproducing is suggested but not required.

4 thoughts on “Contact / Bugs

  1. It’s great to hear that canto is rewritten in C.
    But it seems that it suffers from performance issue due to those blocking operations.
    Is it possible to use some Event based (e.g libev) library to solve it, or using some
    lightweight fibers such as Protothreads etc. ?

    Best Regards

    1. Nope, canto is still 90% Python with a bit of C to do some of the lower level stuff (deal with widechars and readline in ways that the Python stdlib doesn’t handle).

      Performance is definitely something I’m trying to get right though. The main change in current git (other than completion) is that everything is properly threaded which helps alot.

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