A few things crossed off the list. Hopefully this will be the last alpha. I wouldn’t have even put it out if it wasn’t for the taglist change. :help now lists keybinds, :help commands now gives the command list ? is now the default help bind (old users should do :bind ? help to see […]

Sept 19th, 2014

A few fixes have landed in git, a little polish. Some fixes for c-c startup deadlocks that I don’t consider common enough to push another alpha release. The good news is that with current git I haven’t experienced any crashes or bad behavior. The bad news is that my TODO has been reduced to stuff […]


Another bump after a weekend of work. To be clear, this is all still alpha. The only reason I’m packaging and tagging this stuff up is that it’s a ton better than the previous versions even if it’s still incomplete. Locking improvements in the daemon, should be more robust on failure, less likely to hang, […]


I just tagged a new release and updated the repos. The big thing was a fix to canto-daemon blowing up the feeds file. Fortunately, the update will losslessly correct the situation. Another important thing to get out there was that canto-curses now supports the :help command and :help [command] will provide detailed help on that […]

Sept 11th, 2014

I pushed some interesting features to git last night. The daemon takes some options for caching (memory v. performance tradeoffs), and I trashed a couple of hundred lines of code that just weren’t worth it. You can check the git log if you’re interested because this post is about the meta-game. I tagged releases last […]

No Slow

Just a little bit of fluff (I’ll have some commits to put in later today). Today is the big internet slow down in support of net neutrality. I support net neutrality, like everyone else that doesn’t get a paycheck from a cable company. You should too. I’d slow the site down to prove it, but […]

Sept. 8th, 2014

A few interesting things done in the daemon. First, the daemon should be a lot more memory friendly. With proper threading a lot of cleanup work can go on in the background, so the –nowb flag is now obsolete and the database is constantly synchronized and trimmed when work is completed. My practical experiments (8-10 […]