Aug 19th, 2014

The streak of commits is still alive at 16 days, although I’ve slowed down since Saturday because I’m taking a vacation to visit my parents in St. Louis, which isn’t the riot stricken hellhole it’s made out to be lately. I won’t say much about that other than racism and looting both suck and I […]

Aug 10th, 2014

The streak continues. I made a bit of detour into the Story/Tag drawing code and made a few changes to clear it up. Surprisingly, what started as a simple cleanup inadvertently turned into optimization. Better separating the prep and drawing logic, which includes locking operations that can take longer than you expect (and certainly much […]

Aug 9th, 2014

Bit of a change for the update titles, as I realized that it was going to be confusing going on for years =P. Anyway, if you look at my GitHub you’ll see that it’s been quite a productive five days since I returned from the beach. I implemented the custom tag stuff. I made completions […]

08/05 Update

Just got back from a great anniversary weekend in South Padre =). In the meantime, most of what I’ve done since the last update has been hooking up commands in the new infrastructure. In git, most of the commands work now, including remote stuff. I’ve started work on the aliases, and it’s pretty straightforward, but […]