daemon 0.9.5, curses 0.9.6

Yet more maintenance type fixes. daemon 0.9.5 Minor cleanup to excessive debug info and error paths in sync-inoreader The ItemLimit transform is now included by default, so you can, for example do “:set tag.transform ItemLimit(10)” to only show the first 10 items of the selected feed. curses 0.9.6 Fix some old usage of tag_updater that […]

daemon 0.9.4, curses 0.9.5

More fixes. daemon 0.9.4 More fixes for sync-inoreader’s bad behavior with missing items (if you see ??? items that won’t go away, this is the fix) Socket changes to avoid deadlocks when both server and client sockets are full. Quiet exceptions on disconnects. These were mostly harmless, but scary in the log. Minor changes to […]

daemon 0.9.3

Quick bugfix release for the daemon sync plugins. sync-inoreader: stop leaving dead items sync-rsync: update to new database format Debian repos will be updated shortly.

daemon 0.9.2, curses 0.9.4

… And then, everything got faster. Analysis to follow the changelog. daemon 0.9.2 Inoreader Sync. The sync-inoreader.py plugin landed, allowing you to synchronize with Inoreader. It requires the python3-requests package to be installed (most distros have a package for this). It also requires a real Inoreader account (not an OAuth Google/Facebook login). The details are […]