curses 0.8.2 daemon 0.8.1

Various improvements:


  • Possibly eliminate feed fetch problems causing forgetfulness.
  • Better whitespace handling for canto-remote.
  • Added -V version flag.

Curses client

  • Added wrappers update_interval,update_style, and update_auto1
  • Added simpler to use variables with wrappers for changing the basic theme.
  • Increased update interval from 5 to 20.
  • Added -V version flag.

1: These allow you to change how the client grabs updates from the server. You can change these by doing the following in the client:

:update_interval = [int seconds]
:update_style = (maintain|append)
:update_auto = (True|False)

If update_auto is True, then every update_interval seconds, the client will fetch items for tags that have changed. By default, update_auto is True, and update_interval is 20.

The update_style setting determines whether updates from the server should have new items appended to their tags (append) or if it should reorder them to reflect their order on the server side (maintain). By default, append is used because it guarantees that, when an update happens, all new items in your current tag show up after you cursor so you don’t have to navigate to the top of the tag to check for new items before you mark the whole tag read (r) or mark all items in the tag before the cursor read ($).

This update to the curses client also makes rudimentary theming much simpler. This will have to be covered in more depth than appropriate here though.

canto-curses-0.8.2.tar.gz (52K)
canto-daemon-0.8.1.tar.gz (36K)

Have fun. Report bugs.

One thought on “curses 0.8.2 daemon 0.8.1

  1. Holy Cow !
    Canto 0.8.x series ?! Released ?!
    How could I miss this ??
    I need to check out what’s new !
    Thank You !!

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