curses 0.8.3 daemon 0.8.2

Various improvements.


  • Fix for daemon hang stemming from a database trim failure
  • Fix mangling canto-remote one-config calls
  • Make Reddit plugin better behaved
  • Better handling of interrupted syscalls
  • Converted to a time based item keeping system1
  • Exposed keep time configuration
  • Added option to never discard unread items

Curses client

  • Added config wrappers keep_time, keep_unread, kill_daemon_on_exit and border2
  • Better notification of config error corrections on startup
  • Fixed unicode input in command line
  • Fixed fetch error with obsolete urrlib2 import
  • Fixed tag header not updating consistently (read/unread items)
  • Added extra_tags to tag header format string
  • Added experimental reader aligns/float status commands and focus control

1: Items are now kept, by default, until they’ve been absent from the source feed for a full day. This is configurable for the daemon at the global and feed level as defaults.keep_time and Feed.keep_time and is an integer value for number of seconds it needs to be absent before it’s possible to discard.

2: These are the curses wrappers for new daemon functionality as well as other tweaks. You can now issue the following commands:

:keep_unread = [True|False]
:keep_time = [integer seconds before possible to discard items]
:border = [True|False]
:kill_daemon_on_exit = [True|False]

If keep_unread is True, then items that are unread will be kept by the daemon indefinitely, otherwise after keep_time seconds absent from the source feed they’ll be eligible to discard like every other item that isn’t otherwise protected (i.e. sitting in a client somewhere). keep_unread defaults to False.

If border is True, old-style Canto borders will be rendered in the taglist. It defaults to False which is the behavior present in all previous releases (borderless).

Lastly, if kill_daemon_on_exit is True, the client will send DIE to the daemon on exit which will cause it to terminate as if canto-remote kill had been run. This defaults to False.

canto-curses-0.8.3.tar.gz (54K)
canto-daemon-0.8.2.tar.gz (39K)

Have fun. Report bugs.

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