Aug 19th, 2014

The streak of commits is still alive at 16 days, although I’ve slowed down since Saturday because I’m taking a vacation to visit my parents in St. Louis, which isn’t the riot stricken hellhole it’s made out to be lately. I won’t say much about that other than racism and looting both suck and I hope we pass legislation for police accountability that would make this situation an objective no-brainer. Anyway, I’ve been sneaking in commits whenever I can.

The big change is that I finally fixed some long standing bugs with the daemon. Items should no longer be lost. The daemon also comes up with items faster on startup, and supports multiple serial socket level transforms (which will make some client features easier). I’ve also mitigated a problem with filtering that was causing crashes. I wasn’t able to solve it outright, but I have made it harmless and can collect debug info on it. There were also some nasty bugs exposed by fixing these bugs, like socket cleanup being broken, so I’d highly suggest a pull if you’re running git.

Canto-curses has had a few improvements, mostly thanks to IRC users in #canto complaining (seriously, that works). So adding new feeds and deleting them no longer crashes the latest code. I also solved some busy loop behavior that kept the client and daemon up eating CPU. I implemented the ability to do deeper completions (i.e. specific completions for :remote addfeed aka :add). This will provide better help text for any of the :remote commands, which includes all the config settings etc. Sometime after I’m back in Austin, I’ll spend an evening whirlwinding through and setting up most of these.

I’ve also added a couple of proof-of-concept plugins. One that implements a favorites system with a token change to item display. One that sets the title for xterm compatible terminals. I also updated the yank plugin to work with the new stuff.

My short term goal is to just keep moving, keep the streak up. I still want to make tags easier to use. The favorites plugin is definitely the first step because it allows custom user tags and items to change based on them. Now there needs to be (better) support for changing the tags that are viewed. I’d also like to setup old 0.7.x style cycles (like the old [ and ] binds) in plugins as well.

Still a lot of stuff to do, but it’s all less than major.

I’m hoping that 0.9.0 for the daemon and curses will be out sometime in September but, as always, don’t quote me on that. School’s starting up again for my daughter, and my work comes in waves so it’s hard to count on having the freetime and willpower to continue moving so fast.

2 thoughts on “Aug 19th, 2014

  1. There is this one feed from Reddit titled “Guys Night Out” that stuck forever with “Waiting for content…” if i try to read the summary.

    and I’m confused of what the key bindings for read the next feed without the need to press “space” and move the up down arrow. “n” and “p” doesn’t seem to work.

    1. Hey, you should probably put this on the bug tracker linked here.

      It will also help to know the version you’re using and have the log output (~/.canto-ng/*.log) after you reproduce with the -v flag.

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