Sept 11th, 2014

I pushed some interesting features to git last night. The daemon takes some options for caching (memory v. performance tradeoffs), and I trashed a couple of hundred lines of code that just weren’t worth it. You can check the git log if you’re interested because this post is about the meta-game.

I tagged releases last night for v0.9.0-alpha2. There were no alpha1 tags, by the way, even if the code reported its version as such.

It’s time to start thinking about real releases again. I’m hoping to have 0.9.0 out this month, and if all I had to do was code that wouldn’t be an issue, but the documentation for this project has always been subpar and it’s going to take a bit of a rethink to make it useful. The fact that there are still people that hand edit the config is evidence of the fact that they don’t know any better or they couldn’t figure out how to get the configuration they want via a client and that’s obviously no good.

If you’ve ever been here before, you’ll note that the 0.8.x manual, plugin, and theming information has been gutted. Information about 0.7.x is non-existent. and are now crudely linked to the same content (this stuff). I consider it a clean break. However, to compensate for all the poor bastards out there using ancient cantos from Debian and Ubuntu, I haven’t left you out in the cold. The Get Canto page includes new information about a self-hosted apt repo for sid, trusty, and utopic that you can use to upgrade. Trust me, you want to. The number of serious bugs that have been tackled in the last year and a half is staggering.

In addition, the push to make canto easier to use and configure includes revamping the manpages, and giving canto-curses internal help (for which, I am pleased to say, the information is already there but unexposed).

tl;dr – old information gutted, new information forthcoming, apt repo setup, and 0.9.0 this month.

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