Another bump after a weekend of work.

To be clear, this is all still alpha. The only reason I’m packaging and tagging this stuff up is that it’s a ton better than the previous versions even if it’s still incomplete.

  • Locking improvements in the daemon, should be more robust on failure, less likely to hang, more likely to report problems to clients
  • Locking simplified in canto-curses
  • Daemon is more conservative about parsing the config
  • Sync plugin locking fix on conf sync
  • Canto-curses now compensates for the removal of protection in the daemon (cause of selection disappearing)
  • Canto-curses now honors update configuration settings instead of a hard-coded five second sync
  • Plugins for curses and next are now installed to [prefix]/lib/canto/plugins
  • Reader improvements (better at finding enclosed media, content toggles work again) and plugin enablement
  • reader-extras.py plugin to add extra content to reader output, in addition to providing a way to examine item content.
  • Various bug fixes…

The list of items I want to tackle is growing smaller. The next things on my plate are more documentation improvements like automatically listing related keybinds and sorting of the command groups in the help overview. Blowing the dust off the manpages is going to be interesting. I’m considering generating a markdown file and then using ronn or another tool to convert it into manpages and also the online manual page. We’ll see.

There are a bunch of interface things that need work too. Some things need to be hidden (more plumbing than porcelain type stuff), others need to be better exposed.

I have some more ideas for plugins implementing some throwbacks to 0.7.x like [ / ] cycles, as well as social integration, but I don’t know if those are better left for a future real release.

Of course, bugs are always on the table, but my hand-written TODO that keeps me awake at night is now under a page long =P.

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