A few things crossed off the list. Hopefully this will be the last alpha. I wouldn’t have even put it out if it wasn’t for the taglist change.

  • :help now lists keybinds, :help commands now gives the command list
  • ? is now the default help bind (old users should do :bind ? help to see this behavior since it won’t be overridden from the old search bind)
  • Some log output has been downgraded so it doesn’t create info windows
  • Search commands will now properly prompt for terms if not given (only relevant if it’s tied to a keybind)
  • Cleaned up some alias work
  • Tag list enumeration (for stuff like :tag-state and :del) now properly matches up when not all tags are visible
  • All the manpages have been brushed up
  • Fixed some of the generic daemon config error notification
  • Config variables are now changed with :set
  • :tag-config has now been eliminated in favor of :set tag.[setting]

The :set change is probably the biggest change. It allows you to set defaults and feed / tag options more easily. feed.setting and tag.setting will now work as expected based on selection.

Old config options like global_transform, browser and txt_browser are now converted to

:set global_transform [setting]
:set browser [browser]
:set browser.text [True|False]

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