Nov 7th, 2014

I think 0.9.0 is basically done.

Over the last couple of weeks, I wrote the smartlink plugin for canto-curses that lets you define handlers for different content based on either the URL or the output of file when downloaded to /tmp.

I also wrote some fixes that should let canto-curses not contend on the sync_lock as much (as well as not occasionally deadlocking the logging module) as well as some nice improvements to logging output (pretty printing and reporting plugin-fatal errors).

In addition, I stopped using the readline completer, which was painfully slow. Completion still works with almost no changes infrastructure anyway. Readline is also still used for line editing.

The other bits I mentioned in the previous post I handled. I finally got around to the plugin audit, some stability improvements and dead code stripping. I did polish up :help a tiny bit, but I don’t feel the need to alias the command description. If anything, they are examples (he said, rationalizing away more work).

The only other noteworthy change is the canto-curses now defaults to ‘manual’ refresh, like a webpage. This is to prevent poor timing interactions with filters. If you want the old behavior you can do :set True, but this should only affect people that don’t already have configs.

So, I’m going to let the code kick around a bit longer, I’ll probably think of some more minor changes to be made, but if it’s settled down 0.9.0 will be forthcoming.

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