I’ve just bumped the versions of canto-curses and canto-daemon to 0.9.1. The apt repos will be updated shortly.

Daemon Changes

  • A number of tests for various important parts of the daemon. Particularly the index() function that converts the on-disk database into functional data structures.
  • Fixed improper tagging of old items
  • Don’t forget items that should be kept when we expect a feed to be empty (i.e. on startup or sync).
  • Workaround feedparser bug #238, fixing basic authentication for feeds.

Not a very long list, but still some bad behavior that’s been corrected. All of these are accompanied with specific tests as well.

Curses Changes

  • A new indicator has been added to the tag header, in gray, noting the number of pending items that will be displayed when you :refresh (Ctrl-r) or :update (F5 or \)
  • Commands that take single items will now use the first item automatically, if no selection has been made.
  • Relaxed some locking, improving performance and removing at least one hardlock-on-resize case.
  • Color escapes (%1 -> %8) now match directly with their curses counterparts. Color 0 is the default color and can be used by unsetting other colors with %0 for each enabled color. This won’t affect you unless you’ve set your own format string, but if you have you just subtract one from each color code higher than 1 and balance your colors.
  • Deferred all graphical logging until the GUI thread is released (caused a lot of non-fatal errors to lock)
  • Enabled completion for categories and user tags
  • A handful of minor fixes and optimizations designed to get content to your screen faster, like triggering a mini-sync when an empty tag gets its first item.
  • A small amount of core tests and infrastructure.

In short, these are the bug fixes for the bugs I got over the holidays and since 0.9.0. Nothing too fancy, but working out some post-release kinks.

Some sort of service sync plugin is still coming in the future, and I’ve got a local branch using elinks to format the reader but it’s not quite there yet (I want to have output with the color scheme instead of just raw text).

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