curses 0.9.3

Another bugfix release.

  • Fix hang when scrolling between feeds when a daemon is misbehaving or slow
  • Fix handling of “invalid” multi-byte characters, which exhibited symptoms like breaking line wrapping and other graphical weirdness
  • Fix borders (:set taglist.border True) and their color
  • Fix :color command being hidden from help

A few minor fixes. The big one is obviously the hang, which is an odd one. Multiple NEWTAG responses were being generated and if that happened early in canto-curses startup it would cause tags to be duplicated, which confused the taglist logic. That shouldn’t happen, but this was apparently reproducible on some machines.

The “invalid” multi-byte characters have been an annoyance for a while too. If you’ve ever had certain items that you’ve scrolled past that seem to break the interface, then this is probably the cause.

I’ve also updated the apt repos already, and expanded the Ubuntu build to include the forthcoming Vivid release.

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