daemon 0.9.4, curses 0.9.5

More fixes.

daemon 0.9.4

  • More fixes for sync-inoreader’s bad behavior with missing items (if you see ??? items that won’t go away, this is the fix)
  • Socket changes to avoid deadlocks when both server and client sockets are full.
  • Quiet exceptions on disconnects. These were mostly harmless, but scary in the log.
  • Minor changes to lock returns

curses 0.9.5

  • Fix some breakage and deadlocking caused by forcing threads to wait for written config changes to be processed (e.g. tag config changes like collapsed were broken in 0.9.4). Ironically my test suite actually caught some of the more obvious breakage, if only I’d actually run the fucking thing.
  • h/left and l/right are now bound, by default, to setting items read and unread respectively.

Short and sweet.

Thanks to everyone that submitted bugs.

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