daemon 0.9.7

daemon 0.9.7

  • Fixed canto-remote status double counting items in user/category tags
  • Added script.py plugin to support executing scripts to generate feeds (details at the top of the plugin)
  • Add option to sync-rsync.py plugin to defer initial sync.

I’m happy to say that this is the first release for the daemon in more than a year, but the oldest new commit in this release is only about two weeks old, so it hasn’t been lingering.

The fix, and the new plugin are self-explanatory. The new option to sync-rsync.py is geared toward getting items to the client faster on startup (particularly noticeable when canto-daemon is started by canto-curses rather than on system/WM start). Rather than immediately trying to sync on startup before loading content from disk, allow the items on disk to be loaded and handed out to the client first. Technically this means “old” items can be seen again before the sync, but considering the alternative is seeing no items before that sync completes, I consider this better behavior.

Repos should already be updated.

Still need to write a post about future direction.

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