Repos updated, new pub key

Administering packages for a distro you don’t use is a clusterfuck. Anyway, someone kindly pointed out that my Debian sid packages were still built for Python 3.4, and they’ve sometime since moved up to Python 3.5. Of course I’m oblivious to this on Arch.

That’s not the problem though. It seems like the Python package to .deb path is constantly having little tweaks made to it such that it actually takes effort to support new versions of a distro for no other reason than whatever tool you’ve decided to use has fallen out of favor. Ugh. Give me a PKGBUILD already so I can escape the million stupid Debian only binaries I need to put this shit together. Could this process be any more baroque? I literally have to use a special utility just to update the fucking changelog because its format is so locked down.

Then, of course, the version of GnuPG that Debian variants are currently using is different than the version Arch has so suddenly my actual ~.gnupg breaks the entire signing process. Which is just as well because I lost the key I used to sign the old packages when my last laptop drive went south, but regardless now I have a separate directory of keys that are only for Debian that I have to keep track of.

Anyway, the repos have been updated. They now include the latest Ubuntu variants (wily and xenial) but they’ve been obviously very lightly tested.

You will have to re-import the repo public key:

curl | sudo apt-key add -

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