daemon 0.9.6, curses 0.9.7

Before you know it, it’s been almost a year since the last release and there are a handful of bugfixes that need to be pushed out.

daemon 0.9.6

  • Fixed hanging file descriptors eventually killing the daemon (which fixes canto-remote misbehaving sometimes among other things)
  • Fixed occasional hang from writing to closed sockets
  • Better sync-inoreader behavior: killing unusable “???” items (me) and pushing changes back to Inoreader (thanks Fraterius)
  • SIGINT and SIGTERM paths are now identical, where before SIGTERM attempted to exit ASAP without regard to running threads
  • Daemon now dumps feed data into a temporary file and then moves it to replace the original data, to help prevent corruption if the daemon is killed in the middle of writing to the disk.
  • Daemon now marches on if it can’t use the feed data because of corruption, instead of requiring the user to delete it.
  • Minor Python 3.2 compatibility change (thanks Sathors)

curses 0.9.7

  • Fix tab completing empty command lines (closes issue 37)

I’ll get the Debian repos updated soon.

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