curses 0.9.8 + Patreon

curses 0.9.8

  • Fixed nonsense pending update numbers (gray numbers now reflect reality) (#40)
  • Fixed some issues with exceptions / lockups during rapid resizing
  • Fixed cursor being invisible and certain keys being uninterpreted (HOME, END) after resize
  • Fixed some moronic selection fallbacks (#42, #45)

Once again, mostly pending commits from almost a year past.

Unfortunately I lost a disk with my script/chroots for building .debs, so it will take me a bit to upgrade them. I’ll take another stab at getting apt to shutup about weak digests too, but I’m hoping that creating signed .debs isn’t still such a pain in the ass.

I also want to point out a new header tab: Support Me, which links to my new Patreon account. I’m not 100% certain this is the right platform for donating to an open source project, but I have some other things in the works that might fit it a bit better and figured I may as well link this. My wife seems to think that people actually use and enjoy Canto, but I’m pretty sure that can’t be right. I fully expect to have no patrons, however I have spent the last 10 years hacking text RSS readers and haven’t received anything but the rare kind email as support. Not to mention this site isn’t crawling with ads, even unobtrusive ones.

Prove me wrong. If Canto has been useful to you, consider buying me a cup of coffee each time I make a release. Seriously, it’s like once a year…

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